Under the Weather, Howard Still Cranks Out 3-Hour Interview with Rolling Stone

Photo: Rolling Stone/Veckorevyn

Howard started the show saying he missed the Oscars last night due to illness: "I'm very sick. And we'll see how far we get into the show today."

Howard said he almost had nothing left to talk about after 3-hour interview with Rolling Stone's Neil Strauss on Thursday--an experience he'd rather not repeat: "I'd rather be tortured by an Egyptian mob."

Howard said Neil first talked with him in his office at Sirius XM for about an hour after the show, but then Howard left for an appointment. Howard returned to Sirius XM afterward and the pair met for another 2 hours.

Howard said he was exhausted: "I have to do Jon Stewart tonight and I want to hang myself...can I cancel Jon Stewart? That's kind of bogus, right?"

Howard later promised to show up: "I don't like to cancel on people."