The Coveted Rickles Endorsement

John Stamos delivers some good reviews of Howard's Letterman appearance.

Howard said he was proud of his Letterman appearance on Thursday, especially after John Stamos relayed kudos from Don Rickles: "If Don Rickles even thinks I was decent on a talk show, that would mean complete validation for me. Better than getting a check mark next to my name on Twitter. Almost as good as the day I was 'verified.'"

But John wouldn't put Howard in touch with Don directly: "He's a bit withholding."

Robin laughed: "Stamos is keeping Don to himself?"

Howard said the message was the important part: "It means a lot to me that Rickles watched me on Letterman."

Later, Howard said he and Dave were a great team: "I heard he beat Leno that night." Even Beth thought so as the two had great sex when they got home.