Jim Breuer Uses Wife's Toothbrush, Instantly Regrets It

Comedian discusses his relationship in return to the Stern Show

A caller asked Jim what he felt about President Obama, but Jim dodged the question, dismissing politics in general: "It's no different than professional wrestling."

Jim said he was much more invested in his marriage: "Fight, claw, do everything you can to work things out."

Jim said he recently texted his wife an innocuous message ending with "God has blessed us tremendously."

She replied: "Yes. He has in every aspect. I love you more than you think. See you tomorrow."

But Jim's wife wasn't done--she promptly followed up: "Slash my last message. Please please please stop taking my toothbrush. You know, I don't ask much from you, but my requests are not being taken seriously and I'm actually hurt and I'm mad that you'd take my request so insensitively. STOP MEANS STOP. Please don't call me tonight. I'm not kidding anymore. It's not even about the stupid toothbrush. It's about not giving a thought and maybe—I'm drop dead serious and I've asked you more than 10 times—please stop and think before you act. Goodnight!"