Charlie Is a Pisser

Early in the show, Howard played some clips of Charlie Sheen's latest media blitz and marveled at the bizarre 'winning' rants: "He's a pisser, this guy." In one clip, Charlie blamed the cancellation of 'Two and A Half Men' on creator/writer Chuck Lorre: "Maybe if he wasn't focusing on three shows, two that suck and one that's everybody's favorite...we're the reason those shows exist or even have an audience."

Howard said he actually sided with Charlie on that point: "I do agree with him that he showed up for work in the condition he's always shown up in. And CBS has always paid him." Robin disagreed: "The man is deteriorating! No. He shows up and they have to figure out how to use him...they can't say, 'Charlie you're going to walk into this scene and do blah blah blah.' They got to sit Charlie on the couch!" Howard insisted CBS was in the wrong: "They've continued to support him in this lifestyle...I say put him [back] in the show and lets see what happens. I'm saying he's still entertaining as hell. Get the cameras rolling. I might have to watch this show now. Just to see him when he's working."