Charlie Sheen: Fire Chuck Lorre and Everybody Wins

March 1, 2011

Charlie said he just wanted CBS to stop trying to manage his personal life: “As long as I’m delivering and hitting every mark and killing every joke, why are we even having a dialogue?” Charlie also wanted them to dismiss Chuck Lorre: “He’s kind of forgot that our show is what launched the other two [shows] and he’s kind of an ingrate that way…fire him and put me back on and everybody wins.” Howard sympathized with Charlie, saying Chuck’s three-show schedule could easily cause him to neglect the one that made him a success: “A lot of the time, the show that is the actual hit gets watered down.” Charlie said Chuck’s dismissal was a sticking point: “Defeat is not an option…the nights I don’t sleep, there’s a higher calling telling me to stand guard…I’ve got to keep this body in shape, this mind in focus. We’re at war.”