Charlie Sheen Calls In Minus the Tiger Blood

And then, like magic, Charlie Sheen called into the show, and Howard immediately went on the offensive: "Why are you wasting time screaming at the world?"

Charlie said he was just trying to get CBS to pay the 'Two and a Half Men' crew while it's on hiatus: "I have to right this unconscionable wrong. I have to take a stand...many people are suffering and I'm the only guy who can effect a change."

Charlie said he'd already successfully gotten CBS to pay the crew for 4 of the 8 cancelled episodes: "I parked all my manic behavior and got right to the point."

But Chuck Lorre, the 'Two and a Half Men' producer, has otherwise refused to answer Charlie's "very basic questions."

Charlie added that his fight was not over: "My goal is to get them [the crew] paid for all eight."

Photo: CBS

Charlie told Howard he didn't care how much damage his fight would do to his public image: "I don't have much of a reputation left to ruin."

Howard saw a window there and asked why Charlie would pay for women. Charlie stopped for second and laughed: "I don't know. That's a whole other segment."

Charlie referenced his father's role in 'Apocalypse Now,' so Howard asked if Charlie watched the film to feel closer to the film's star--his father.

Charlie laughed: "Wait a minute. Are you my therapist? What do I owe you?"

Charlie said he didn't see much of his father on screen anyway: "I'm not really watching him in the film. I'm watching Captain Willard, you know?