Sarah Silverman Returns ... And Has A Lot To say

Sarah Silverman stopped by to promote the paperback release of her book, 'The Bedwetter,' and Howard commended her work on a recent 'Saturday Night Live' retrospective. Sarah said her appearance on the special surprised her ("I couldn't believe I was on that."), as, like Larry David, little of her 'SNL' work ever made it in front of a camera: "I never got a sketch that I wrote myself on the air...but recently I read them all. I went back.

And they were terrible." Sarah added that she was also surprised when she'd landed the 'SNL' gig in the first place, as she was only 21 years old at the time--and a relatively inexperienced comedian: "I didn't even know who I was comedically...I was a good stand-up but I think they were looking for girls."

She Stabbed Al Franken

Asked about a rumor that she'd once stabbed Al Franken in the 'SNL' writer's room, Sarah nodded, saying she'd been admiring Al's "huge Jew-fro" and playing with a pencil: "It was a mistake...I really just meant to put it through his hair."

But her aim was off--she stabbed him in the temple, laughing as he screamed in pain: "I must've looked like a crazy person who'd just turned and stabbed someone in the temple with a pencil and laughed. I mean, there's probably lead in his temple still."

Sarah On Pot

"I can't work with pot. I can't do stand-up on pot. But when all work is done, on vacation, I like a little pot...when I menstruate, it's the only thing that makes cramps go away. And also I like it."

Boyfriend Turned 'Friend with Benfits'

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard asked after the guy Sarah was dating last time she was on the show, so Sarah said "something happened" when she turned 40 that ended the relationship: "I just want to be free. I don't want to be anybody's girlfriend. I don't want to be responsible for anybody's happiness. I just want to be able to love people. I still totally adore him, you know. There isn't anybody else. I'm not looking. And uh, I'll totally have sex with [him], basically. And that's what we do."