Hagar: A Battered Frontman

Asked about his time as Van Halen's frontman, Sammy revealed: "We were the greatest friends on the planet from 85 to 95...but they turned on me. They friggin' turned on me, man."

Sammy said he already had a successful career before joining the band: "I took a cut in pay, Howard. I really did. I was in multiple arenas too...I was coming home with 70% of my gross. They were coming home with 17%."

Sammy said he'd been asked to come in and run the show: "I ran the band...When I walked in, it was like they were looking for a fearless leader. Roth was the leader of that band. Like it or not, Ed was the musical guy [and] Roth was the leader." After multiple reunions, he's gotten used to being fired-- he expects Joe Satriani, the leader of his latest band, Chickenfoot, to do the same: "He'll fire me eventually. He's gonna do it."