Ronnie the Limo Driver Is WInning

Early in the show, Howard played clips of Ronnie the Limo Driver's most recent Ricks Cabaret appearance--and laughed that the club's customers must not be excited to see Ronnie instead of a naked girl.

Ronnie came in to defend himself: "I don't stay up there long. I just go up there and go a little crazy." Howard turned to Robin, hinting at the benefits Ronnie reaps from said appearances: "You want to meet a guy who's living the Charlie Sheen lifestyle?" Ronnie laughed: "I'm a winner! Winning!" In one clip,

Ronnie screamed at the audience with no real direction in mind: "Hey! What's going on? Yea--oh! You want to put a dollar in me? Look at you! What's going on?" Howard wondered how often Ronnie scrubbed off the stink of stripper: "You ever feel dirty when you get home?" Ronnie laughed: "No. I feel drunk." In another clip, Ronnie could be heard haranguing the audience: "Don't everybody look so happy!" Howard sympathized with them: "What a depressing're such a charmer. I can't tell you how proud I am that you're out there representing the show."