Today's Charlie Sheen Call Goes MIA

Charlie Sheen didn't call in this morning as he'd promised to yesterday.

Gary came in to explain that he'd been texting with Charlie since 6:03am. Gary read a transcript of their text message exchange:

Gary: "We're back on the air this morning and Howard would love to talk to you again. Please call. Here's the number: [redacted]. Thanks for following Howard on Twitter."

Charlie: "Is it on DirectTV?"

Gary: "No."

Charlie: "AM? Shortwave?"

Gary: "Sirius XM. I can get you a password that you could use to listen to the show on your computer right now. Does that work for you?"

Charlie: "Gotta get my kids back. I'll try and call but if I don't, don't take it personally."

Gary: "Totally understand. Maybe we can help out on some level. Howard has 3 daughters so he totally understands."

Charlie: "F' yeah. OK."

Gary said Charlie then stopped responding: "And that was the end of it...he went off the grid."

Howard told Gary to just offer Charlie his own radio show on Howard 101: "We'll stick a microphone in his house and he can pretty much go on whenever he wants. He can just hit a button and go on." Gary promised to relay the offer.