Ronnie Loves Twitter

Early in the show, Howard noted that Ronnie the Limo Driver's new 'topless' catchphrase had caught on--so much so, Ronnie now uses it with impunity on Twitter. Ronnie came in to say Twitter reminded him of a hobby he'd pursued as a boy: "It's like CB. You got chicks on there. You send 'em pictures. You don't know if they're a guy or a girl..." Howard laughed that Ronnie seemed really busy, leading Ronnie to caustically reply: "Yeah. B-U-S-Y. Busy...I'm enjoying it. I'm having fun with the fans, OK? I'm having a good time." Howard responded with some sarcasm of his own ("That doesn't make me nervous at all."), wondering if he might have to replace Ronnie: "I've got this celebrity driving me around."