Who Will Make the List of this Year's Jimmy Kimmel's Los Angeles Party?

Howard said he's hands off as far as who is or isn't invited this year

Howard anticipated his upcoming trip to LA, as Jimmy Kimmel is planning yet another party in his honor.

Robin thought Jimmy might regret that decision: "I hope you get the guest list right Jimmy."

Howard said he'd decided to be hands-off this time: "Jimmy can do whatever he wants. I'm not involved." Robin said Howard was playing with fire: "There are a few people that have come and gone while, you know--since the last party, who were very miffed they weren't on the list."

Howard wondered which of the Cox-Arquettes would attend: "I wonder who's going to show up. Courteney or David?"

After Robin told him they'd reconciled, Howard crowed: "They probably got back together because they both want to be at the party!"