Howard Does 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' from Across the Country

Technology allows Howard to do a live taping of his friends show 3000 miles away

Robin said she'd watched Howard's live-via-satellite appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' and was shocked at how poorly he'd been digitally inserted into the frame: "Jimmy's looking at your right ear. It was very funny how they were matching up the two shots. People don't look at TV all that critically."

Howard laughed that some idiots were fooled: "A lot of people really thought I was there. And I was like, 'You think I really tongue-kissed the guy?'"

Lisa G, who was at the taping, said Howard endured many more headaches with the remote interview than he would've in person: "You were a good sport about the technical problems."

Howard agreed, saying it was more work than it was worth: "I couldn't hear Jimmy. I couldn't hear the's almost an impossibility to do."