Dave & Taylor from Foo Fighters

April 11, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins from Foo Fighters stopped by to promote their new album, ‘Wasting Light.’ Dave said he’d lost a lot of hearing since their last appearance on the show: “My left [side] is pretty–is almost gone.”

Asked why he didn’t use the Ultimate Ears in-ear monitor plugs like most other rock stars, Dave shrugged that they made it difficult to judge dynamics: “There’s no sonic perspective…those things just put everything in the middle of your brain.”

Dave said the hearing loss wasn’t all bad: “Like if my kids are running around and going bananas, I sleep on this ear.”

Howard asked if Dave’s wife was a model, so Dave said his wife had been a tv producer: “But to be honest, she was [model-esque].” Taylor also said he didn’t have an ‘agency’ wife, but she was beautiful–both men are now married with children.