Grohl's Side of Nirvana's End

In reference to the recent anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death, Howard asked if the Foo Fighters would exist if Nirvana still did too. Dave was unsure: "I know I'd still be writing and recording stuff on my own."

Dave also said he'd never talked with Krist Novoselic about playing together again: "It'd be way too heavy. We've never talked about that. Ever. It's been 20 years and we still haven't talked about it."

Dave said he'd actually heard about Kurt's death from a second party: "I think maybe it was on the news or something weird."

Afterward, he went to Krist's house "and just hung out...I couldn't listen to music. I couldn't listen to Nirvana." Dave added that "things got weird toward the end...there were drugs around. And there were the people who did the drugs and the people who didn't to the drugs. And I didn't do the drugs. And so I was just out that world."