Christa Miller Is Caught in the Middle

Just as Christa Miller stopped by promote the new season of 'Cougar Town,' David announced that he planned to forfeit his 'executive producer' credit: "I'm actually going to take my name off the show because I'm so not involved." Christa, a close friend of Courteney's, said it didn't matter to Courteney: "She's not that type of person. But I don't know what David should do. I mean, I don't see David at work." David admitted that he'd run the idea by Courteney before, and she'd refused the offer: "She didn't like that idea." Howard noted David's creative involvement with the show's inception: "Just leave things alone." Christa agreed: "Not necessary." Christa added that she first bonded with her husband, 'Cougar Town' creator Bill Lawrence, over their love for Howard's show: "You're responsible for all [of] my happy, great life."