Drinking Courteney's Kool-AId

Howard referenced the tabloid reports about Courteney's 'platonic' vacation with her 'Cougar Town' co-star, Josh Hopkins, so Christa said she'd discussed it with Courteney: "This is what she told me from that trip to St. Barts. That 'Josh could not get laid.' That it was a very dry trip for him. And it was the worst trip [for him] because he couldn't get laid."

Howard wondered how anyone could believe that Josh was trying to bang anyone but Courteney: "Why is everybody so naive?"

Howard continued to search the studio for answers: "Everyone sounds like a robot here. You know, 'We're trying to figure it out. We're trying to figure it out.' I think it's been figured out."

David shrugged: "Yeah, I think so too. I think [Courteney] just hasn't admitted to it. It's a compatibility thing."

Christa nodded: "How it used to be wasn't working for either of them."