Tim Sabean: Still at It

Executive explains how Robin crashed Rosie O'Donnell's radio show

Howard said he crashed Rosie O'Donnell's radio show yesterday--only to be followed in by Robin, so he left: "I thought you were the next guest booked."

Robin said Tim Sabean had dragged her in, just like he had at the Paul McCartney concert: "That was another Tim Sabean fiasco."

Howard rolled his eyes: "Tim is an ass."

Robin agreed: "He is! I've got to stop listening to him...I'm never going anywhere with him again."

Tim came in to say it wasn't his idea to push Robin into the studio: "The producer of Rosie's show asked me."

Howard told Tim not to get involved next time: "You don't even need to be in there. I need you running these channels."

Tim said he had a role to play ("I had to come in there to fix your mic.") but Howard didn't want to hear it: "You're not involved in producing that show...stop dragging [Robin] around."