What Is 'Old School' Sex?

Photo: mattjeacock

Christa said she hadn't been a fan of Twitter until Howard signed up, but now she's a devoted convert.

During a 'Twitter war' with her husband, however, he publicly revealed that they'd just had 'old school' sex--and now she has thousands of people asking what 'old school' meant.

Howard counted himself among them and began speculating: "Having [sex] with a condom?"

Christa demurred ("It was just a thing we did."), so David took the second guess: "Maybe like when you first got together--like hot, crazy sex?"

Christa nodded: "When we first met, we did a shower situation and we did it. It was a thing." The couple have continued to experiment: "All of our friends that have been married, we've had sex at their weddings."

And Is It Better Than Wedding Sex?

Howard had to know more, so Christa said they once hooked up at Mariska Hargitay's wedding: "They had porta-potties so we snuck into the house to use one of the bathrooms...he sits on the toilet and then I sit on him."

Howard was impressed: "Will you and Bill stay together forever, you think?" Christa thought so: "Yes. He's the love of my life." David deadpanned: "Must be nice."