Will the Farter's Mom, Precillia the Masseuse

Howard got Will the Farter and his mom, Priscilla, on the line to follow-up on yesterday's interview. Howard first forced Will to confess--to his mom--that he worked as a gay phone sex operator. Will-as-'Brutal Master' even had to demonstrate, with Howard as his mock-'slave,' how he taunts his clients: "Get on your knees and start sucking my feet, you piece of trash...why don't you punch yourself in the balls, you faggot?" Howard then asked about a story Will told yesterday about finding his mom with his nearly-naked roommate. Priscilla explained that money changed hands--but not for sex: "It was for a back massage. [Will] knows me! You brat. You know me better than that." Priscilla also claimed that she'd been using the wadded tissue Will saw to clean up massage oil: "There was oil! There was oil involved...everything was kosher."