David on Courteney's Letterman Appearance

Howard asked David Arquette--who's been sitting in all week to promote 'Scream 4'--if he'd watched Courteney Cox on Letterman last night. David said he hadn't, but he had seen her: "We actually went out to dinner last night." After Howard got David to admit that he paid, Robin laughed: "He's supposed to let her pay?" Howard shot back: "Why not? She broke up with him." Howard then played a clip from the show in which Courteney admitted that she'd turned David down in their Disney World hotel room, claiming she told him: "You don't have a Fastpass (the Disney pass that lets you skip waiting in lines for rides) for that." David said she wasn't being totally honest: "I did get some tittie-rub...put that in your Fastpass and smoke it." David clarified: "It was a lot more, like, 'Should we do this?' I might not have had the Fastpass, but I definitely got in line."