She's a Cog in the Tabloid Machine

Asked about her mum-motivation, Maria continued: "We have always been very private about it...I just say, 'You know what? I don't talk about my personal life.'" Tabloid pressure plays a large part: "The second you get married, they're waiting for you to divorce." David pointed out that, as an 'Access Hollywood' staffer, Maria was a part of that machine: "Sorry, sweetheart. That's so fucking guys create these storms and you don't take responsibility for it. You hide behind this gloss." Howard agreed: "David makes a good point...they [shows like 'Access Hollywood'] take a tabloid report and report on it and say, 'Oh the tabloids are horrible. They're saying this.'" David said he had a big problem with 'Access Hollywood' host Billy Bush: "That asshole did some kind of bullshit with me. F' him. Let's see Billy Bush--what's he doing in his private time? What's he hiding behind?"