Take 2: The Party at Jimmy Kimmel's House

George Clooney, Ben Affleck, and Jon Favreau were just a few of the A-listers at the annual event

Howard said he'd also been to LA over the break and attended yet another party at Jimmy Kimmel's house.

Most of the A- and B-list guests made a point to talk with Howard but, of course, he was most interested in the guests who didn't say hello--he didn't learn until afterward that he'd unknowingly stood, for quite a while, next to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner: "I had no idea they were at the party...why didn't they say hello to me? It was supposedly a party in my honor."

Howard said he'd was talking to Jon Favreau at the time, but he would've gladly turned away if they'd just said hi: "I would've dumped Favreau in three seconds."

He had better luck with other A-listers, including "a big long conversation" with George Clooney and his girlfriend, Elisabetta Canalis: "She's very hot." George turned out to be an avid listener: "

He knew everything about the show. He knew everything that was going on."