Gottfried: On the Aflac Flack

Gilbert was hesitant to discuss Aflac by name: "I still can't really talk about the, uh..."

Howard finished for him: "Because you got a payout? Oh, I see. So you can't disparage the Aflac company."

Gilbert nodded: "I'm like the head of General Motors coming on a show, going, 'Let's not talk about cars.'"

Gilbert said he missed the job, as it paid a ton for only day's work every year. Gilbert said he found it difficult to regret his statements about the tsunami, because offensive jokes--to him--were as routine as eating cornflakes for breakfast: "I ate cornflakes every day for years."

Howard questioned the sincerity of his apology and Gilbert didn't argue: "That happened on that first day and a half where there was just, I don't know, there was going back and forth between the agents and everything...those first two days, I was [in] a daze...that was out of the machine."