The World's Saddest Listener Contestant #2: Dave

Dave, the second contestant, told the crew he'd been commuting home from work six years ago when a 16-year-old driver hit his scooter: "He hit me four times. He hit me twice hitting me and twice trying to get away from me." Dave's since had 14 surgeries on his leg--one of which went horribly wrong: "A nurse had sneezed into my open bone got eaten away by bacteria." Dave whipped pulled up his pant leg to show the crew his mangled leg, a mess of scars and repurposed muscle: "This is like a Frankenleg." Dave said his wife had killed her back trying to care for him: "The disks in her back are starting to break down...we're both fully disabled at this point." Dave said he had no legal recourse--the driver was only ticketed for making an illegal left: "And he beat the ticket." If he doesn't get money for another surgery soon, "the next time you'll see me, I'll be a one-legged man."