Fortunately Robin Has A Brain

A caller noted that Charles had married his cousin, so Howard laughed: "When I'm the FCC commissioner (referring to Howard's hope that, if Trump becomes president, he will make Howard the head of the FCC), any broadcaster [who] marries his cousin is immediately off the air."

Howard also hoped Charles would write a book about his time with Imus: "I wouldn't buy it. I'd steal it. [Then] I'd have him on the show and tell him what an asshole he was."

Howard continued, saying NBC tried to push Robin through a similar mold: "That guy's like a robot...he's one of those NBC cookie-cutter readers. He bores me. That's what they wanted to turn Robin into at NBC. I said, 'You turn her into that, you can leave her here.' That's the end of her do you compare Robin to Charles McCord? Robin's got a brain in her head."