The Insane Clown Posse Is Dead Serious

Shaggy2Dope and Violent J of the Insane Clown Posse stopped by to promote their return to NYC--and told Howard that their viral hit song and video, 'Miracles,' was no joke: "That wasn't supposed to be funny. That was coming from the heart."

Shaggy said the song was inspired by an encounter with a pelican in San Francisco: "That trips you out if you're from Detroit. We don't have pelicans with giant beaks and all that. It's unfortunate because it's beautiful."

The group said their sense of wonder was more important than any scientist: "They kill the party of imagination and fun." Howard asked if they wanted more critical acclaim, but Violent J dismissed the idea: "If we were respected and loved like that, we wouldn't be what we are. We wouldn't be the most hated band in the world. I don't give a f' about a Grammy."

J pointed to the Dayton Family, an ICP-affiliated collective, as producing material that deserved more critical attention, as they recently produced a classy music video: "No naked bitches. Just cocaine flying everywhere."