Chris Rock to Return to Stand-Up this Fall

Chris said his current gig on Broadway was a risk, as he doesn't have sitcom money keeping him afloat: "I kind of make my money doing stand up and the rest of the year just maintain."

Asked why he hasn't then done stand-up in three years, Chris shrugged: "It's not that I turn it [offers] down. I just defer it. You know what I mean? I'm going to do it later. I'll go on tour. I'm thinking about writing an act this summer and going out in the fall."

Chris said workshopping a new act was hard work--he'll hone it on stage in small clubs every night for about 90 days before taking it to larger audiences.

Chris said he felt comfortable workshopping in smaller clubs because he had the skill--he called it a "muscle"--to bomb without losing control of the crowd. He can't muscle a thousand-seat theater: "I can control 300 people."