George Loves Cheeky Cheeks

Howard thought George was subconsciously trying to light a fire under Brad's ass: "In some way you're hoping that Brad will get back to his old fighting weight." George agreed ("You're right about that.") but said his motivation was mostly sexual: "When you have a Jason Ellis standing there absolutely naked--in magnificence, in his full glory--other thoughts just disappear." Robin asked George to clarify: "So you're saying that no matter what shape Brad was in, you were going to..." And George cut-in, finishing her thought: "If Brad was the Adonis that he was [when we met], uh, today, I still think I would've responded to Jason the way I did." As the crew then watched footage of yesterday's stunt, George wished HowardTV had gotten a good shot of Jason's ass: "He's got that firm, round, beautiful, cheeky cheek."