Trying to 'Son' Howard Is 'Son'-ing Yourself

After listening to a clip in which Funkmaster Flex asks Howard to stay out of the Hot97-Power105 war, Howard laughed: "I have messed with so many guys in radio on the air, and more, off the air, that these guys still don't know what hit them. There are guys who just died on the vine trying to mess with me. Because I will go behind the scenes, in front of the scenes, and mess you up."

Howard was particularly amused by Flex's claim that Jamie Foxx had 'sonned' him during their recent media battle--and invited any radio personality who thought they could 'son' him to step up and face the world's greatest living broadcaster: "What those guys are dreaming about, I'm actually doing. I want to meet the guy who can 'son' me. Let's do it."