Howard Comments on Larry King's Wrap-Up Visit Getting Cut Short

Tim Sabean's weight also discussed

Early in the show, Howard said the Wrap-Up Show had been visited by Larry King on Monday, but the rigid Howard100 schedule forced Jon and Gary to wrap things up prematurely.

Howard demanded that Tim let the show go as long as they want--especially if something interesting happens: "Don't you remember the conversation where I said, 'Let it run as long as it wants?'"

Tim claimed he didn't remember, but still demurred: "Alright, thank you."

While he had him on the run, Howard noted that Tim was losing weight again--Tim explained: "I do, like, a salad. I don't do, like, total, you know, but I do, like, a salad or something like that just so--but I watch what I eat. No more carbs."

Howard didn't think carbs were Tim's problem, but Tim ignored him: "The more green you put in your system, the better."