The Maid Is Arnold's Baby Mama

Early in the show, Howard referenced the new reports about Arnold Schwarzenegger's infidelity: "The humiliation is unbelievable. I mean, what are you doing to that Maria Shriver?"

Howard thought it was unconscionable to cheat on your wife with the very woman who helps care for your family: "She probably isn't even hot. He's just out of his mind psycho. Because it was just handy."

Howard laughed: "You know its bad when the real Arnold is even worse than the fake Arnold!"

Robin compared Arnold's attitude with that of the recently-imprisoned IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn: "It's female. Let me have it."

Howard told Robin he understood the draw of the "powerful shit you guys have"--but not the impulse to take it without permission. That said, Howard said he'd wait to hear Arnold's explanation: "Arnold was always a great guy to me...a lovely guy to me."