Alec Baldwin Wants Beth Next

Howard plays a clip from Alec and Beth's recent interview

Howard said Beth recently interviewed Alec Baldwin for Extra and Alec pretty much just hit on her the whole time: "It was pretty wild...I think he was quite taken with Beth."

The crew then listened to a clip from the interview--Alec could be heard laying it on thick: "Howard's not here. And Howard, this is the greatest day of my life. Because you're lending me this woman."

The clip of Alec's remarks continued: "I'm not saying this to be--to jinx anything. I'm not saying it to be impolite. I'm not saying this to be hurtful toward anyone. But if anything should ever happen to Howard...if he were to slip and fall and impale himself on a chess piece and--because I think, if I had you, you'd be a fabulous political wife."

Howard appreciated the envy but thought Alec missed an opportunity to promote his film.