Jimmy Fallon's Got No Love for Trolls

Jimmy Fallon stopped by to promote his new book, 'Thank You Notes,' and told the crew about auditioning for SNL as an impressionist: "That was my thing...I was just an impressionist."

The first time around, he performed as a variety of celebrities, each talking about the same troll doll (which had been given to him as a high school graduation present). Tracy Morgan got the slot: "I think they were looking for a black cast member."

SNL later called Jimmy back for a second audition, telling his agent: "We want to see Jimmy again because we need an impressionist...but we don't want to see the troll again."

Jimmy did a refined version of his routine, ending with an impression of then-current cast member Adam Sandler. The Sandler bit did the impossible--it cracked up the infamously stone-faced Lorne Michaels (everyone had warned Jimmy not to worry if Lorne didn't laugh at this routine, because he rarely does): "He put his head in his hand and he started laughing. And I go, 'How cool is that? Even if I don't get it...'"