How Brian Johnson Came to Join AC/DC

Brian said he was recommended to AC/DC after Bon Scott's death: "There was a fan from Cleveland, to my eternal debt or thank--Mutt Lange--who kept saying, 'Listen,' he said, 'You gotta try this guy.'" Before his death, even Bon Scott had told the other guys in AC/DC that Brian was the best "of all the rock singers I'd seen in England." So Brian--with some reservations--went to an audition. The band welcomed him with his hometown's signature beer, a Newcastle Brown Ale: "And I drank it [and] we sang and played." The chemistry was immediate: "I got goosebumps, they got--eyes started going wide...they said, 'You can't leave.'" The band put him on wage for the first six months, after which he became a full-fledged member of the world's hardest rock band.