His 'Animal House' Debut and Life with Kyra

Photo: Janet Mayer / PR Photos

Asked about his feature film debut, 'Animal House,' Kevin said the cast was divided off camera as it was on screen: "I was in the asshole fraternity. The line was drawn so heavily in the sand between the two fraternities...they didn't want us to hang out."

Kevin said he rarely saw John Belushi, as Belushi was usually back in New York working on SNL when he wasn't needed on set. Kevin said the rest of the Delta Tau Chi crew wasn't any more welcoming: "They would have parties in the hotel, literally down the hall. And I'd hear the party going on and I'm sitting in my room like an asshole. I mean, [I couldn't] get invited to the party."

But even with the big role under his belt, Kevin hadn't really made it: "I had to ask for the night off from the restaurant I was working at to go to the premiere."

Life with Kyra Sedgwick

Howard said he had a theory that Kevin and his wife, actress Kyra Sedgwick, were swingers, so Kevin laughed: "Just propose that theory to her and see how it flies." Asked about the money he lost to Bernie Madoff, Kevin confessed: "I lost a lot of money...you have a moment where you go, 'Holy shit.' That was many, many years of work that just went away." Kevin said he Kyra lost almost all of their saving but quickly put it in perspective: "We're OK, we're looking at each other, we got a nice apartment, our kids are healthy. There's other people who have it a lot worse." Kevin credited 'The Closer,' Kyra's TNT series, for keeping them afloat: "Thank god for that show...without that--if it was just me trying to pull us back, it'd be tough."