Jesse James Is An Outlaw

Jesse James stopped by to promote his new book, 'American Outlaw,' and laughed when Howard asked after his old 'Monster Garage' show: "It just ended...five years ago."

Jesse said he focused his more recent efforts on healing himself: "I did all the hard work on myself in rehab and therapy and, for the first time ever, I love myself and feel like I accept myself for what I am and I've forgiven myself for what happened and now I can actually love someone and be in a relationship."

Howard wondered why Jesse had asked Kat Von D to marry him when he'd already blown 3 marriages, so Jesse explained: "It's just a testament to what an amazing girl she is--someone that, you know, kind of stood by my side through all this. You know, when everybody kind of turned their back on me and--and totally persecuted me and, like, nobody wanted to be my friend. She was there for me through of all of it."