Tim Sabean Can't Spell, But Sal Can

Executive finds himself in a "worldwind" of trouble after sending misspelled emails to Howard

Howard noted that misspellings had returned to Tim Sabean's email correspondence: "If you want to win a girl, you have to learn to spell...you got to get it together. When there's a word you don't know, don't put it in an email."

Howard said Tim had misspelled whirlwind as "worldwind" and past as "passed."

Tim came in to answer for his mistakes, but Howard was more interested in his most recent date. Tim said it went well, but he wasn't forcing things: "Things have to happen organically."

Howard laughed: "Organically? How do you spell that?"

Quizzed by Howard, Sal then proved he could outspell Tim, but purposefully blew a few words, spelling marriage as "C-U-N-T" and then correcting himself: "I-M-F-U-*-*-*-D."