Would Lisa G. Date Wayne Siegel?

When Lisa G came in with the headlines, Howard stopped her and asked if she'd go on a date with his friend, Wayne Siegel. Lisa was open to the idea, but Ronnie the Limo Driver expressed some doubts: "He's a workaholic. So, you know, work always gets in his way. He goes to the gym a lot."

Asked if could be a good match, Ronnie shrugged: "It might be. But she's got to put out." After hearing Wayne owned a car dealership, Lisa laughed that she was game: "Heated seats? I'm naked...I'm ready for whatever."

But Lisa noted that she already had a guy lined up--they had a nice date last week and have already made arrangements for a second. Wayne then called in to ask that Lisa keep her options open: "We'll go out, have a good time, see what happens...we'll hook up for Sunday afternoon, I'll come into the city, we'll go somewhere for brunch--wherever you'd like to go--and we'll see where it goes from there."

Howard hoped the pair could get past their fears--Wayne of marriage and Lisa of intimacy: "I think Wayne needs to open up his heart and you need to open up your blouse."