Claire Sinclair, Playmate of the Year

Claire Sinclair, Playboy's recently crowned Playmate of the Year for 2011, stopped by to meet the crew, saying she'd wholly committed to her career as a nude model: "I'm lasered. I will never have to shave again."

Robin thought Claire owed her success to youth and natural beauty (she has natural D cups) more than hairlessness: "That's that fresh look you can't [just] get."

Howard asked about the Playboy Mansion's celebrity regulars, so Claire shrugged that she frequently saw Pauly Shore at parties: "He's always there. So is Corey Feldman."

Neither managed to impress ("They lose their, like, [allure]...they use their old horsecrap.") or corner her in the grotto: "The grotto smells like the 70s to me--what I imagine the 70s smelled like...[at parties] there's always someone having sex in there."