Mike Walker on Arnold's Whereabouts

Late in the show, Howard got Mike Walker from The National Enquirer on the phone to ask where Arnold Schwarzenegger was hiding out. Mike said the news wasn't very exciting: "He is at his house." Robin wondered why no reporter had tried to bother him, so Mike explained: "Where he's lives, it's pretty hard to bother anybody. It's up in a canyon, and it's, you know, gated and guarded." Mike said Arnold hadn't gone hermetic; he's left his compound for things as innocuous as a haircut: "He lays low. He's not absolutely--I mean, yes, he's in hiding [but] he's not in hiding in the sense that he's really in hiding. He's laying low." Mike promised to report back with any developments: "We have every ear to the ground...but we don't know what he might do next."