Lisa G. Went Out with Wayne Siegel

When Lisa G. came in with the headlines, Howard revealed that she had gone on a date with Wayne Siegel last night: "You're glowing today. Looks like love is in the air."

Lisa balked at the L-word, saying she wasn't even sure of a sexual attraction: "I can't even go there. It was just meeting him."

Howard teased that he knew more: "Please tell me you used protection."

Gary said he overheard Lisa say Wayne was a "tiny bit talkative," but she insisted the comment wasn't meant negatively: "I was entertained ... I like being entertained. I love a good story."

Ronnie "the Limo Driver" Mund said he talked to Wayne - who couldn't find the restaurant - at 6:15, and "at 7:05 he calls me [again]. He's on his way home already."