Hobie Hits (Doc's) Bottom

Jeremy said he never blew guys for drugs: "In the meth world, there's a lot of bisexuality and homosexuality...but I actually never did that. I scrubbed some toilets for drugs, though. I cleaned some drug dealer's houses."

After sobering up, Jeremy later turned to steroids, gaining some 70lbs of muscle: "It just became very obsessive and addictive all over again but in a new way."

Howard asked if Jeremy suffered from steroids' oft-reported effect on testicles, and Jeremy confirmed it: "It's totally true, yeah...your balls start to shrink and atrophy."

Jeremy said his shrunken balls weren't the worst scar he carried from his addictions--that mark was left by Dwight Gooden, his Celebrity Rehab co-star: "He poops a lot, that guy. I had to share a room with him...it was a very stinky room."