Lady Gaga Doesn't Cancel or Disappoint in Stern Show Debut

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Lady Gaga stopped by to meet Howard (causing him to lose his bet with Gary), who thanked her for dressing down: "I like that you don't wear pants. I've often said that I think most women should not wear pants."

Gaga laughed: "I agree. I affirmatively agree."

Howard asked if she'd lost her pants to illegal downloads, but Gaga shook her head: "I actually love it. Because I just really don't give a f' about money at all...I just came from my apartment in Brooklyn that's smaller than this studio."

After Gaga referenced her father's heart surgery as one of the few things she paid for thanks to her success, Howard asked if he'd ever been negative about her dream of pop success. Gaga shrugged: "I don't know if negative is the word. It's more, 'Help! I can't believe you're doing that.' He'd show up and I'd be dancing to Judas Priest in a thong on a stage and he'd have a freaking heart attack." Gaga said she was still losing money on the road as recently as The Fame Ball Theater Tour--which left her $3 million in debt.