Our Hearts Go Out to Nick Cannon

Referencing Nick Cannon's appearance on the June 30th Wrap-Up Show, Howard clarified his position on the "America's Got Talent" host: "He seems to think I hate him and I don't...I watch his show every week."

Howard said he meant no offense to Nick when he mocks Nick's wife, Mariah Carey: "How could I not goof on his wife? For a while, she was doing some really wacky shit."

Howard wondered if Nick was tiring of Mariah's antics as well: "I think Nick Cannon, already, is that deep into his marriage where I don't even think he is digging Mariah Carey that much. I mean, you know, secretly. I don't think he'll ever admit that...[but] you don't take that many jobs if you're happy."

As such, Howard extended his support: "He seems like a lovely guy."