Bree Olsen Did It for Fun

Porn star Bree Olson stopped by to promote her Playboy cover and discuss her experience as one of Charlie Sheen's 'goddesses': "I was just really taken aback by the whole situation and I guess I just was like an observer. I just took it all in."

Bree said she met Charlie after a girlfriend had invited her over to his house, where the pair became fast friends: "He's just one of those guys who knows a little bit about everything."

Bree claimed Charlie never paid her for her company ("No. I mean, I--I really liked him.") other than to buy her out of an appearance obligation in Japan: "That is the one thing that he did pay...he took care of Tokyo for me. Yeah. In order for me to come [live with him]."

Before she decided to move in, Charlie visited her at her home in Fort Wayne, Indiana to plead his case: "He found it very charming."