Lady Gaga: Scott Salem and Tim Sabean Argue Over Who Helped Perfect Her Sound

"I'm a sound engineer. I don't do the paperwork," Scott tells Howard

After Lisa reported that the other sound engineer, Chris Gibbons, was more responsible for Lady Gaga's great sound than Scott Salem, Scott came in to moan that he'd personally overseen the piano's installation: "I was here with the movers when they brought it here...he put the mics in the piano."

Tim Sabean said Scott was taking credit for his assistant's work: "Sarah lined it up and made it happen." Tim later continued: "You're the kind of guy, you know, who says, 'Hey, I'm going to help you move.' And then you come over to my house and hold the door."

Scott told Tim not to start with him: "I'm a sound engineer. I don't do the paperwork."

Howard asked if Scott thought he deserved any praise for Gaga sounding so good, so Scott shrugged: "Of course. I was part of the process...what does that mean? [Tim]'s trying to say that I don't do anything? That's what he was starting with me. I mean, Tim didn't have to be involved with this conversation."