Charlie Sheen Between the Sheets and Everything Else

Bree told Howard that she and Charlie didn't "make love" but also didn't do anything kinky: "I haven't made love in a long's just sex."

Pressed for more, Bree said Charlie's penis was "good size" and "He has a lot of stamina. Yeah. Well, Charlie has a lot of practice."

Bree sounded happy with the experience, saying she really wasn't as wild in her private life as she is on screen: "I'm a lot more quiet...I actually enjoyed dirty talk in my personal life until that's what I got known for in the adult industry."

The 'Other' Girl

Asked about Sheen's other girlfriend, Natalie, Bree said Charlie had told her about "this girl" when they first met, explaining that she wouldn't leave. Natalie had first crashed at Charlie's house before he was hospitalized with a hernia--and stayed: "She hid in his house and waited for him to get back."

Before long, Charlie named them "The Wedge," a reference to the NFL's banned kick-off return formation. Bree said life in "The Wedge" was attractive at first: "I'd never tried a relationship like that. It was something I always fantasized about. I was always interested in polygamy."

But things quickly soured: "I kept thinking, 'Ok, when is he going to come to his senses and kick Nattie out?'"

Bree hinted that she found Natalie unattractive: "I'm just saying she made me feel uncomfortable."


Before she left, Bree said she might reunite with Charlie some day: "Me and Charlie are still cool...[but] I would take it a lot slower with Charlie this time."

Howard expressed surprise, so Bree shrugged ("Never say never.") that he was anomaly in her dating timeline: "College guy, college guy, Charlie Sheen, college guy, college guy."

Bree said it was a crazy affair: "I guess I loved him."