Crystal Harris: A Prisoner at the Playboy Mansion

Crystal said Hef kept a tight rein on her (and all the girls): "The first year I was there I was able to go on vacation with my family and snowboarding. And the second year I asked to do the same things and got told no...I think he's insecure. I think he's always been that way."

Asked what was worse, the sex or the schedule, Crystal shrugged: "The worst part of it was the schedule. I mean, we weren't that sexual."

Crystal said she started to feel imprisoned by the schedule: "I couldn't go anywhere. I couldn't do anything."

And quickly learned that she actually was a prisoner: "Hef and I had gotten into a small argument. I just needed to breathe--get away. I started to leave and Hef called down to security and said, 'If Crystal tries to leave, contain her.'"

On Her 'Escape'

Worse than his rigid rule was Hef's obsession with old movies: "It's like the history lesson I never wanted."

Even his bedside proposal was a disaster: "He brings out a ring and hands it to me and says, 'I hope it fits.'"

Crystal's marriage was really an arrangement: she would've collected $800K on the day of the wedding and another 500K for every year she stayed with him. This was on top of her $2K/week cash allowance. Crystal finally snuck away just days before their wedding, waiting until Hef had started the traditional Sunday night movie (the latest X-Men film) and lying to the Mansion staff: "I got my keys and told security that I had to run to the store."

Crystal said her best friend is now Hef's #1 girlfriend: "I'm not mad at her at all. I know all the reasons why she wants to be there."