He's Baaaack-Ack

Late in the show, Johnny Fratto called in and said Eric the Midget was on the line with him: "I'm here." Howard said he always knew Eric would come back: "I just want an apology because I was right. Remember when you said to me, 'There's no way I'm returning to the show'?" Eric said he wasn't technically back: "I'm not! Johnny called in. I'm on the phone with Johnny. I didn't dial the number myself." Robin laughed at Eric's logic: "Have you missed us?" Eric snapped ("Not a damn bit.") but later admitted he'd missed Howard: "You, yourself, maybe a little. The abuse I get from the fans and shit like that, I don't miss that one bit. Or the hours I'm left on hold either." Of course, Eric's motivation soon became clear--he asked to be the show's red carpet correspondent at "The Smurfs" premiere: "I used to collect them as a kid." As they wound up their conversation, Howard, Eric and Johnny agreed to negotiate Eric's full return to the show later this week.